Penny Collectors Books

Penny Collector's BookThe Penny Collector’s Book can generate valuable additional income for your venue.

Our Penny Collector’s Books are the best on the market. These books hold more pennies than any other book produced with 48 penny slots. They fit both U.K. pennies as well as European 5 cent crushed coins too.

These tri-fold books are fabulous additions for your customers to hold their collections of pressed pennies in.

These new exciting books will give you the following benefits:

• At least 100% retail profit margin option.
• Increased sales of pressed pennies from your penny press machine.
• If a collector comes to your venue they will be more inclined to add to their collection from your venue.
• Free advertising – It’s a great fun way of collecting pennies that will advertise your venue when people look at the collection.
• If required a free display holder provided with your first order of collector books (minimum quantity required)

To find out more please contact us for current prices.