Not only do our machines look fantastic, they can provide your customer with a great souvenir they have pressed themselves AND produce a highly profitable return at NO COST TO YOU.

Penny Presses can be one of the highest coin operated revenue earners on a per square foot basis a venue can have.

We supply Penny Presses to visitor attractions FREE OF CHARGE as we work on a revenue share basis with the venue. Alternatively we are happy to sell you our machines so you keep all of the revenue. 

The Presses we offer are all hand cranked which give the customer the satisfaction of having pressed their own souvenir coin. The pressed pennies are very collectable and we provide 4 different images per press giving multiple use opportunities.

We supply Penny Press machines to lots of different venues including SS Great Britain, The National Wallace Monument, Cardiff Castle & The Royal Armouries. Please see some of the penny images that have been produced for our venues.

We undertake the design and artwork of the four penny images from pictures or images that you supply us. It’s that simple.

We have the largest selection of different Penny Press Machines & cabinet designs available on the market. These can be more traditional wooden cabinets or contemporary bespoke artwork cabinets that compliment your venue.

With more Penny Presses sited throughout the U.K. than any other company, we have mobile engineers on the road that can respond to maintenance issues

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Potential Sites

  • Visitor Attractions
  • Museums
  • Theme Parks
  • Science Centres
  • Castles
  • Observatories
  • Aquariums
  • Zoos
  • Safari Parks
  • Gift Shops

Our revenue share option means FREE delivery, installation and set-up and FREE servicing.